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Our coconut sugar is an alternative for healthier sweetener. This sweetener taste more delicious with lower glycemic index than white cane sugar based on its fructose contain. It’s perfect in every application like cooking, baking, tea or coffee, smoothies, yoghurt, etc

Coconut Sugar has been part of Indonesia’s culinary tradition for sweetener. Coconut sugar made from coconut sap or its called nira. Nira is the nectar from the flower of coconut trees. The farmers harvest the sap in the traditional way. Nira boiled until the water evaporates from it and the leftover is delicious sweet coconut sugar.


It is our responsibility to protect the environment through a sustainable farming system, by always protecting the organism and not adding chemicals to the land. Everything has done to make sure that sustainable production of Indonesia and the world

Hand Harvesting

We do hand-harvesting for almost all of our products. This ensures high-quality harvests and high production. The process is carried out traditionally and has been carried out for generations to preserve cultural heritage. We respect that and will give the best results because we are doing everything with the heart.

Social Benefit

One of our goals is to provide social benefits as great as possible, local empowerment, and the development of local businesses. Sharing with others and developing together is beautiful.

Pure & Unrefined

Our coconut sugar is processed naturally, unbleached, unrefined and does not contain any other ingredients, pure from our organically grown coconut sap. It is precious one for us to keep your health.

Low Glycemic Index

Low Glycemic Index means organic coconut sugar does not cause your blood sugar to increase. This makes it easier for glucose and insulin regulation which in turn results in improved energy and a better mood.

Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

Coconut sugar contains Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc, and Iron. It is also a natural source of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and amino acids. So that coconut sugar has a more complete nutritional content than other sweeteners.

About Us

Hugo Inovasi CV is manufacturer and exporter of coconut based product especially coconut sugar. We produce chrystal coconut sugar, coconut nectar, cube coconut sugar, block coconut sugar, virgin coconut oil, coconut chip and also provide fresh coconut. We work together with local farmers, communities, and business partners to create high quality products and deliver them to the world.

Our company is located in the Central Java region, Banyumas Regency, which has been producing sugar for generations since thousands of years ago. We really understand the farmers and the culture. We are proud to have developed a sustainable supply chain of coconut and it is derivatives. We work together, we harvest coconut sap every day using production practices that protect the soil and protect trees, it is because our earth is precious.

Policy : Hugo Inovasi is determined to be producing product both of safe and high quality


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