Best Recipe Using Coconut Sugar Indonesia For Your Kids

Best Recipe Using Coconut Sugar Indonesia For Your Kids. Do you give your kids a nutritious and healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner? But how about their snacks? Many parents always give attention to meals but often for snacks. Because of their busy life maybe they don’t have the energy to feed their kids with healthy snacks. They often give their kids a few crackers if they want. They don’t realize it may rise kids blood sugar. Making healthy snacks is just easier than you may think. One of the good components for kids is coconut sugar Indonesia. You can make any kind of snacks that your kids will love it. So let’s check this below!

Best Recipe Using Coconut Sugar Indonesia For Your Kids

Do you give your
Coconut Sugar Steamed Cake
Ingredients :
– 4 large Eggs
– ½ tablespoons Emulsifier
– ½ teaspoons Baking Powder
– ¼ teaspoons Salt
– 30 ml Coconut Milk
– 130 gr Flour
– 30 gr Powder Milk
– 60 gr Butter
– 75 gr Coconut Sugar Indonesia
– 25 ml Water
– 100 gr Grated Coconut
– Pandan leaves

How to make it :
1. First, make coconut sugar syrup. Cook coconut Sugar Indonesia with water and Pandan leaves until boiling. Strain it and set aside.
2. Mix eggs, salt and emulsifier until fluffy. In another bowl sift the flour, powder milk and baking powder together.
3. Mix together the wet mixture with the flour until well blended. Add coconut milk and butter for the last step. Put the 1/3 of the dough on the pan and steam it. In another dough mix with coconut sugar syrup and then put in the pan and steam it about 25 minutes.
4. Take a cake with coconut sugar and apply a little butter. Stacked with the white cake. Sprinkle the grated coconut on the top cake.
Using coconut sugar Indonesia in your kids snacks is a good way to eat something sweet and do not make worry about their healthiness. As you know that coconut sugar Indonesia has many benefits for our health and it is making better for kids too.


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