Coconut Sugar Indonesia Processing Technology - Coconut Sugar Coconut Sugar

Coconut Sugar Indonesia Processing Technology

Coconut Sugar Indonesia Processing Technology. The ingredients of making coconut sugar are coconut nira. Nira is the common name used to name sweet liquids taken (tapped) from certain types of plants. The plants that can be taken as such are coconut, palm and Siwalan. Coconut Nira is tapped from Mayang (coconut blossoms are not yet blooming) by slashed the edges so that darl wound out a sweet clear liquid called Nira. The basic principle of making coconut sugar Indonesia is nira evaporation so that the remaining solids that have the main component in the form of sucrose. In almost all coconut sugar making business, the method used for evaporation of Nira is to warm up the open container (open pan technology) using the furnace. Containers are usually a wide frying pan so evaporation takes place faster.

Coconut Sugar Indonesia Processing Technology

During the making of coconut sugar in a traditional way. Many obstacles such as the stirring process of nira that is being heated still using human power. Fuel during the cooking process still using firewood and sugar mold still using Bamboo so it is less hygienic. To overcome that, coconut sugar Indonesia using the appropriate technology to improve the quality and efficiency of coconut sugar making. The mechanical equipment is an electric-powered mixer.

With the appropriate technology in the form of a coconut sugar based control system. The production will be more in a single process, and the timing is also faster. Hence, coconut sugar stirrer machine is precisely used to produce coconut sugar Indonesia with superior quality. The cooking process uses technology in the form of a gas-fired stove. With the gas stove the process of heating the nira will be cleaner than heating with firewood. Coconut sugar Indonesia also use the mold from the aluminium which is has benefit. Because it can produce cleaner sugar products and hygenic. The texture of the sugar produced aluminium mold is more smooth.


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