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Coconut Sugar, Nature’s Sweet Treasure

How to Choose Coconut Trees to Make Coconut Sugar

Hugo Inovasi – Coconut sugar, often referred to as “nature’s sweet treasure,”. Undergoes a unique transformation from the sap of coconut inflorescence, commonly known as neera.

How To Process Coconut Sugar?


The process begins with the collection of this sap through gentle tapping of the unopened coconut spadix.

Initially containing 14-16% sucrose, the sap is subjected to heat at temperatures of 90-95°C. Causing it to undergo a mesmerizing metamorphosis.

The once-liquid sap transforms into delicate, sugary threads, a crystalline or amorphous sugar.

The resultant coconut sugar boasts a rich, earthy brown hue and maintains a moisture content of approximately 2-3%.

In stark contrast to the heavily processed and calorie-laden sugars found on store shelves. Palm-based coconut sugar is a treasure trove of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, and antioxidants.

What truly sets it apart is its relatively low glycemic index (GI), making it an ideal natural sweetener for individuals of all ages.

The production of coconut sugar is an efficient process, with a single kilogram of sugar arising from around 7 liters of sap.

A productive coconut tree yields an impressive 400-500 liters of sap annually, equating to 60-70 kilograms of sugar.

However, when the sap is meticulously tapped and processed into sugar, it magnifies the yield nearly three and a half times.

Resulting in a substantial 133 kilograms of glucose equivalent from a tree producing 100 nuts per year.

The appeal of coconut sugar extends beyond its primary use, as it serves as a versatile base ingredient for an array of secondary products.

Healthy than white sugar?

Given its reputation as a health-conscious choice, it commands a premium price in both domestic and international markets.

This approach of tapping trees and skillfully processing sap into sugar not only empowers farmers but also creates ample employment opportunities for tappers, technicians, and sales personnel.

Furthermore, it ensures that consumers enjoy a high-quality, wholesome product.

In this comprehensive review, we delve into the intricacies of coconut sugar’s raw material supply, the production process.

Its nutritive value, and the exciting potential for innovative bio-products, shedding light on the promising future of this remarkable natural sweetener.


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