Current Trends in the Use of Coconut Sugar For Beverages

Current Trends in the Use of Coconut Sugar For Beverages

Current Trends in the Use of Coconut Sugar For Beverages
Current Trends in the Use of Coconut Sugar For Beverages

Current trends in the use of coconut sugar for beverages. Coconut sugar is a product that has been around for a long time. Products from this coconut tree were originally traditionally made by craftsmen in villages.

People use coconut sugar as a seasoning or sweetener for traditional drinks. There are many traditional Indonesian culinary delights that use coconut sugar. For example, various traditional cakes from Java such as klepon, marrow porridge, candil, lupis cake, putu cake, rolled pancakes etc.

Likewise with drinks, coconut sugar is added to traditional wedang ronde drinks, cendol ice, bajigur, and even herbal medicine. Coconut sugar is added to add legit sweetness to these traditional foods and drinks.

Now coconut sugar has leveled up when many people use it in modern culinary delights in cafes / restaurants. Of course this is good news. Coconut sugar can now be added to make pastries, cakes or pancakes.

Coconut sugar is used as a substitute for conventional sugar. This replacement is sure to add a little caramel flavor to the coconut sugar. But this taste makes them even more unique.

In addition, coconut sugar can also be added to trending drinks such as ice boba, iced coffee milk, black grass jelly ice, dalgona ice etc. The coconut milk iced coffee business is currently the target of many people.

The large number of people interested in drinking this cold milk coffee makes anyone want to open a business. Naturally, because the manufacturing process is not complicated, so this business is easy for anyone, even beginners who want to do a beverage business.

What’s really interesting about coconut sugar, especially for low-carb, is the fact that coconut sugar has a lower GI (glemic index) compared to regular sugar.

For those who are not quite up-to-date with health trends, this means that glucose takes longer to be absorbed into the blood when compared to granulated sugar. Due to its low glycemic index level, coconut sugar is safe for consumption for diabetics.


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