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How To Store Coconut Sugar So it Doesn’t Get Mushy

How To Store Coconut Sugar so it doesn’t get mushyHow To Store Coconut Sugar so it doesn’t get mushy

There are many types of sugar that you can enjoy as an ingredient in your cooking, one of them is coconut sugar. When coconut sugar that you have has started to look not fresh and looks a little runny, maybe the reasons for storing it are wrong.

Many people do not understand how to store coconut sugar properly, so a mistake often occur that cause coconut sugar to become lumpy, even surrounded by ants. You need to know, if the resistance of coconut sugar and granulated sugar is very different. If granulated sugar has long enough durability, but not for coconut sugar that has very little durability even though you have kept it tightly in packaging and plastic.

The term “there is sugar there is an ant”, it is true, where there is sugar scattered there will be ants swarming around. So instead of coconut sugar stock being eaten by ants, it’s best to store it in a watertight and airtight closed container. If necessary, place the container on top of the water dish so the ants can’t get to the sugar. Sugar doesn’t need to be refrigerated, but it shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight either. Coconut sugar is prone to melting when exposed to heat and damaging its quality. Don’t be afraid that sugar will expire because naturally sugar is a durable food ingredient and can preserve food.

Even though coconut sugar is stored in the kitchen, try to keep it away from the stove. Coconut sugar can melt quickly when exposed to heat, especially the more sensitive types of coconut sugar. If the sugar has melted a little, it will not harden again unless frozen. If you are worried that you will not use it immediately, it would be better if you buy enough coconut sugar.

Store in a closed container and use immediately without leaving it. But there are times when we have a large stock of coconut sugar and it’s already mushy. What to do? It would be better if the coconut sugar was thawed and stored in a glass bottle.***


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