Hugo Inovasi at the BIOFACH 2024 Exhibition, Bringing Organic Coconut Sugar Products to the World Market - Coconut Sugar Coconut Sugar

Hugo Inovasi at the BIOFACH 2024 Exhibition, Bringing Organic Coconut Sugar Products to the World Market

coconut sugar in BIOFACH 2024Hugo Innovation at the BIOFACH 2024 Exhibition, Bringing Organic Coconut Sugar Products to the World Market

BIOFACH is held every year, as the organic food industry comes together for an event that inspires and strengthens the world market. This exhibition has become a center of attention for organic food producers, distributors and enthusiasts from all over the world.

With a focus on innovation, environmental awareness and quality, BIOFACH has become an unrivaled platform for keeping up with the latest developments in the organic food industry.

BIOFACH 2024 starts 13 – 16 February 2024, regional, national and international stakeholders from across the value chain will meet at BIOFACH 2024. People who share the same values and work together to create a more sustainable future.

Like the previous year, HUGO INOVASI is again participating and taking part in the BIOFACH 2024 event with its flagship product coconut sugar Nectara. So for those of you in Germany, you can meet us directly.

History and Meaning of BIOFACH

The first BIOFACH exhibition was held in 1990 in Ludwigshafen, Germany. Since then, the fair has grown rapidly, becoming the world’s largest for organic food and related products.

In the beginning, this event may have only attracted the attention of a small group of people who care about organic food, but now, it is a focal point for thousands of participants from all corners of the world.

BIOFACH is not just a trade fair, but also an educational and meeting center for stakeholders in the organic food industry.

It’s a place where producers can showcase their newest products, buyers can discover new suppliers, and experts can share knowledge about the best organic farming practices.

Latest Innovations and Trends

One of the most exciting aspects of the BIOFACH Exhibition is its ability to embrace the latest innovations and trends in the organic food industry. Every year, visitors can see new products being introduced, ranging from processed foods to organic body care products. Additionally, there is also a strong focus on sustainable agricultural technology and environmentally friendly practices.

One trend that is gaining increasing attention is the use of blockchain technology to track organic food supply chains. By using this technology, producers and consumers can ensure that the food they purchase is truly organic and produced to the highest standards.

Environmental Awareness and Sustainability

The BIOFACH exhibition is also a platform to promote environmental awareness and sustainability in the food industry. With growing concerns about climate change and animal welfare, more and more companies are committing to reducing their environmental footprint and paying attention to animal welfare in their farming practices.

In addition, BIOFACH is also a place to discuss social issues in the organic food industry, including issues of social justice and the accessibility of organic food for everyone.

The BIOFACH 2024 exhibition in Germany is an important event for the global organic food industry. Apart from being a place to showcase the latest products and technologies, it is also a platform to promote the values of sustainability, environmental awareness and social justice in food production.

With more and more people becoming concerned about organic food and its impact on our planet, BIOFACH continues to be a highly anticipated event every year.


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