Popularity Coconut Sugar In The World. Indonesia has famous coconut plantations in almost all regions. The number even exceeds rubber and oil palm plantations.

Important To Coconut Sugar Having a HACCP Certificate, Halal Label, and BPOM Number

Important To Coconut Sugar Having a HACCP certificate, halal label, and BPOM number 

Important To Coconut Sugar Having a HACCP Certificate, Halal Label, and BPOM Number

People who produce food processing, such as producers of coconut sugar should take note of food security standards produced. One of the objectives of food development is food-assured that is characterized by the free community of food types that are harmful to health. This clearly shows efforts to protect people from food that do not meet health standards and requirements.

There are many food safety standards in Indonesia. Some of them are having a HACCP certificate, the presence of a halal label, and the existence of MD BPOM number. The purpose of this food safety standard is to keep food safe, hygienic, quality and not contrary to religion, belief, and culture of society. Food safety is also intended to prevent biological and chemical contamination that can harm human health. Well at the end of this August, CV Hugo innovation has gotten a HACCP certificate. Achievement of this certification is nothing but in order to improve service to customers.


HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point where the company’s products are safe to consume and avoid the danger of contaminants both physically, chemically, and biology. Physically, such as dust, chemistry is mixed with water, other chemistry, biology e.g. fungi, other microorganisms.

HACCP or Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point actually apply in many areas of production. But it is very relevant if used in the production process of the food business. In its outline, HACCP is a series of monitoring and control processes. Whose goal is to eliminate potential hazards, especially health hazards. In the production process of a product, with control points set in such a way as follow the stages of production.

HACCP covers all processes: the procurement of materials, the processing process, the process of storage, processing (tools, officers, and processes), packaging, and presentation to the customer. HACCP is a standard approved by all the world’s parties. Is one of the control tools that help us, the consumers to avoid such harmful products.

The benefits that we can get from this HACCP certificate include:

  1. Ensure food safety
  2. Producing safe food products at all times;
  3. Provide proof of production system and safe appropriation of products;
  4. Giving confidence to the manufacturer will guarantee its security
  5. Providing satisfaction to customers will be conformity to national and international standards.
  6. Preventing the case of food poisoning, because in the application of the dangers of the hazard system can be identified early.
  7. Prevent/Reduce the occurrence of damage to production or food insecurity. Which is not easy when only done on the final product testing system only.
  8. With the development of HACCP into international standards and mandatory government requirements. Delivering products has a competitive value in the global market.
  9. Provide efficiency of food safety management, because the system is systematic and easy to learn.



Halal label all forms of food, processing, sourcing, and others are processed based on the Islamic religion. Indonesian coconut sugar is made from vegetables which means halal ingredients. But in order to maintain the trust of our products then we consciously get Halal label from MUI. With the halal label apparently can increase the selling value of coconut sugar in the community.

To register halal MUI certified products online, there is a procedure that must be passed first. One of them is to follow the training in order to understand the halal certification requirements listed in HAS 23000. Then the applicant must also have implemented the Halal Assurance System (SJH). After that just prepare the required documents. Later there will be an audit process from LPPOM MUI to assess whether the fact in the company is in accordance with the document. The validity period for this halal label is 2 years.


All food that will be traded in the Indonesian State must obtain a distributor permit. The distribution permit is the approval of the evaluation of the safety criteria, quality, and nutrition of processed food to perform the circulation in Indonesia. All distributor license is done by registering processed food products from BPOM.

Likewise with coconut sugar products from CV. Hugo Inovasi. By registering this coconut sugar product to BPOM then we will get the BPOM MD distribution license. It aims to find out if there are substances that are harmful to the health of the human body. In addition to selling good products or efficacious. We also trusted because it has been peddling the right product, true and safe for consumers.

By obtaining 3 criteria standard security for this food product, coconut sugar is a safe, precise, and reliable for consumers. Coconut sugar products that have been certified third criteria above means having been through the evaluation process so as to ensure its safety. In addition to evaluating the product before circulating. Also done surveillance after the product is circulating in the market so that if there is a deviation can be done immediately correction action.


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