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Sugar Myths You Don’t Need to Believe

Sugar Myths You Don’t Need to Believe. Just Believe in Coconut Sugar Indonesia. When you hear the word sugar, you are certainly imagined by sweet foods that make various types of food become super delicious.

However, it has become common that sugar is one of the food ingredients that must be limited in consumption. Some of the myths about sugar that are wrong are wrong beliefs in sugar, related to its type and the benefits or effects of sugar on the health of the body. Some of them are:

Sugar Myths You Don’t Need to Believe

1. Sugar are dangerous and should be avoided
The danger of sugar intake is very reasonable if it makes most people feel scared. This makes many people assume that sugar is a food that should not be consumed at all. In fact, not all types of sugar become dangerous and absolutely should not be consumed.

Our bodies may consume sugar in adequate portions and the right type. The right portion is no more than 5-6 tablespoons daily and the right type is natural sugar from fruit or natural food ingredients, for example sugar from sweet fruit, or coconut sugar Indonesia.

2. Reducing sugar can effectively lose weight
Yes, sugar is indeed one of the causes of weight gain. However, just reducing sugar does not mean you immediately lose weight. When losing weight, you also need to limit your calorie intake from other nutrients, namely fat, protein and carbohydrates.

3. Sugar from artificial sweeteners does not make you fat
Refined sugar, either brown sugar, coconut sugar or palm sugar, is often considered dangerous. This then made the popularity of artificial sugar. Which is claimed to be low in calories, such as aspartame sugar and saccharine, to be chosen with calorie-free claims. Though the use of artificial sugar will actually increase levels of fat production in the body.

For that, still avoid using artificial sugar while on a diet, try to use sugar from food ingredients with natural sugar content, namely coconut sugar Indonesia. Apart from being sweet, the use of coconut sugar Indonesia is able to provide vitamins and antioxidants that are good for the body.


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