The Things You Should Know About Cooking With Coconut Sugar

The Things You Should Know About Cooking With Coconut Sugar. Coconut sugar has gained popularity in a quick time as an alternative sweetener. Actually coconut sugar has been there since long ago but not many people use it. Even coconut sugar is considered healthier than brown sugar. Although coconut sugar is an effective sweetener but it does not have the exact same function as cane sugar. To get maximum results then you should pay attention to what should and shouldn’t be done while cooking using coconut sugar.

The Things You Should Know About Cooking With Coconut Sugar. Below are the things you should be aware of:

  • Do grind coconut sugar if it will bake
    Coconut sugar usually has grainy crystals. This is the different between coconut sugar and white sugar. If you use coconut sugar for a prescription that should use white sugar then you can pass it with a blender. Sometimes the shape that still crystallized affects the texture of bread becomes more hollow.
  • Use the measure 1:1
    Using the 1:1 measure means you can use coconut sugar as a substitute with the same dose of white sugar. It works very well for drinks or oatmeal. But if you bake with coconut sugar it will still be the same as white sugar in terms of sweetness.
  • Practice extras to make candies
    You won’t be able to make candy from coconut sugar if it’s your first experience. Coconut sugar will burn at a lower temperature than white sugar.
  • Do not use coconut sugar to get coconut flavor
    Coconut sugar comes from the coconut sap so it will not feel like coconut. The taste of coconut sugar is only a mild sweetness accompanied by caramel flavor.
  • Do not use coconut sugar in the hopes of receiving major health benefits
    Palm sugar does contain a lot of vitamins and minerals but not in large quantities. You can’t expect more.
  • Do not use coconut sugar if color is important
    Coconut sugar is brown and will make the dough more brown if baked.

It doesn’t harm you use coconut sugar as a substitute for white sugar in cooking. But you have to pay attention to the above. Hopefully this information helps you.


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