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Be careful with mixed brown sugar, this is the difference with coconut sugar

Coconut sugar
Coconut sugar – Do you know the difference between brown sugar and coconut sugar?

Be careful with mixed brown sugar, this is the difference with coconut sugar.

The existence of brown sugar in the market today is quite diverse. Real brown sugar includes coconut sugar or palm sugar. Pure coconut sugar is made from coconut sap without other ingredients.

Difference between Brown Sugar and Coconut Sugar

Recently there is a brown sugar which is quite different from sugar and palm sugar. The difference is that pure coco sugar is only made from sap, while brown sugar is the raw material for sap along with granulated sugar or refined sugar.

The existence of this mixed sugar actually worries the coconut sugar craftsmen. The original coco sugar cannot compete with mixed brown sugar. In the market, people find it difficult to distinguish original coco sugar from mixed brown sugar.

At first glance, the appearance of mixed brown sugar is indeed more attractive than original coco sugar. The color of mixed brown sugar is brighter and denser.

The color is also more even. This is different from original coco sugar which tends to be darker and uneven in color. Mixed brown sugar is sold in the shape of a neat mold. This indicates that sugar is made in bulk.

Traditional Manufacturing Method

Unlike the original coco sugar which is made traditionally so that the mold is not neat. Original coconut molds usually use coconut shells or small bamboo pieces. Another thing that distinguishes it is mixed brown is harder than original sugar.

This is because the raw material is united with refined sugar. Real coco sugar will be softer because it comes from pure sap.
There is one way to tell the difference between mixed brown sugar and original sugar is when they are thawed.

The mixed brown will be more liquid and taste sweeter and while the original liquid sugar from coconut is somewhat more viscous and concentrated.

The taste is also more legit with a distinctive caramel flavor. Mixed brown sugar has different benefits from original coco sugar.

The price of mixed brown is also cheaper than original coco sugar. This is what makes the original sugar sales decline. Even if we know the benefits and side effects, it would be better to choose original coconu sugar.


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