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Coconut Sugar From Indonesia, Has Now Succeeded in Penetrating The Export Market

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Coconut Sugar Hugo Inovasi Join at Anuga 2023

Hugo Inovasi – Banyumas Regency, one of the regencies in Central Java, deserves to be proud. Their flagship food product, which is the hallmark of Banyumas Regency, namely coconut sugar, has now succeeded in penetrating the export market.

The lack of market in the United States, European Union and Japan really likes the products produced by these people’s plantations.

Currently the number of coconut craftsmen in Banyumas has reached 27 thousand families. In a year, Banyumas coconut sugar production can reach 63 thousand tons.

Meanwhile, the area of land planted with coconut trees is around 18 thousand hectares. They make coco sugar not in big factories, but in each household. In fact, this is what is great, even though it is produced at the household level, the quality is still able to meet export standards.

Unfortunately, the exact data on the number of Coconut Sugar exports from Indonesia to countries in the United States, European Union and Japan is still unclear.

There are several advantages that sugar has which is why they are now an idol in the international market. People in the United States, European Union and Japan have realized the importance of maintaining health by consuming healthy food.

Why Coconut Sugar is Health?

That’s why Coconut Sugar emerged as an alternative sweetener to replace cane sugar. Coco sugar consists of 14 types of natural amino acids, including 6 essential amino acids, namely amino acids that are not produced by the body, and are useful for forming cell membranes which balance the intake of essential fats.

Apart from that, it can reduce LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides, form antibodies (immune system), harmonize enzymes and hormones, and repair damaged cells or body tissues.

Not only that, 13 natural mineral contents, such as Nitrogen (N), Potassium (K), Calcium (Ca), Zinc (Zn), and others can prevent the emergence of degenerative diseases due to mineral deficiencies. Plus nutritional Vitamin B complex and natural fructose sugar.

Apart from that, the Glycemic Index (GI) level for coconut sugar is 35, far below white sugar (85-93), palm sugar (70) and honey (55). In simple terms, GI can be said to be a level or ranking of foods according to their effect on blood glucose levels.

The lower the GI of the food, the slower the increase in blood glucose is produced. This means that blood sugar becomes stable, preventing diabetes and obesity, and is also safer for people with diabetes, obesity and autism.

The number of calories in coconut sugar in cake dough is up to 30% lower than white sugar. Unfortunately, not many Indonesians understand the benefits of coconut sugar, as a result local products native to Indonesia are unable to compete in their own country with cane sugar products.

Brand Value

As a brand value, coco sugar has a very strong typical Indonesian taste. The unique and distinctive taste and aroma of coconut gives it the exoticism of a tropical country. This is what is preferred by markets in the United States, European Union and Japan.

The aroma of coconut will taste delicious when mixed into a glass of coffee or used as a mixture for making bread. This distinctive taste then has high value in the eyes of consumers in the United States, European Union and Japan.

Especially if this is coupled with a guarantee of product quality that is free from dangerous chemicals or better known as organic products. The combination of the exoticism of tropical regions and guaranteed quality of organic products with international standards means that Banyumas Regency coconut sugar products are now local Indonesian products that have succeeded in penetrating the global market.

Currently, one of the coconut sugar products from Banyumas Regency that has succeeded in entering exports is crystal coconut sugar or also known as ant sugar. It is called ant sugar because its shape resembles an ant’s nest. This form of sugar has practical advantages.

Comes in single-drink sachet packaging, coconut sugar in crystal form, can be mixed directly into your coffee, with the right amount for one cup. Practical, right? Crystal coconut sugar in sachet packaging can now be found easily in star hotels and cafes throughout the world.

People are now no longer embarrassed about adding crystal coconut sugar into their drinks, they even feel proud when using it. Coconut sugar is now no longer just an alternative sweetener to replace cane sugar, but has become a lifestyle.


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