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Coconut Sugar vs Cane Sugar

Coconut Sugar vs Cane Sugar : What Is The Best For You?

Coconut Sugar vs Cane Sugar Coconut sugar is widely produced in Southeast Asia because coconut palms flourish there. The use of coconut sugar as an alternative sweetener is growing lately making market demand is also increase. When comparing coconut sugar and cane sugar many people choose coconut sugar in the end. Is coconut sugar healthier than sugar cane? Do both of these sugars have different effects on our body?

Coconut sugar vs cane sugar have a lot of differences. The main difference is that they have different plant sources. Coconut sugar is derived from the sap bud flower of coconut tree while the cane sugar comes from the water of sugarcane plant. Another difference is the sweetness. Coconut sugar is less sweet than cane sugar, only about 75%.

Coconut sugar has a low glycemic index compared to cane sugar. This means that coconut sugar will not raise your blood sugar levels in a short time when compared to cane sugar. The glycemic index is about 35 where cane sugar has a number 60. Some research actually doubts this fact whether it relates directly to blood sugar. However it is mentioned that coconut sugar also contains Inulin.

Cane sugar does not have nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Therefore, cane sugar is often referred to as “empty sweetener.” The manufacturing process also differs considerably. Coconut sugar only performs a cooking process that aims to reduce moisture content to form viscous liquids or granules. Cane sugar is done by refining process and adding chemical substances to produce white sugar. Some things are discussed that makes many people prefer coconut sugar to replace cane sugar that is commonly consumed. However, the use of coconut sugar remains to be controlled to get its benefit.


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