The Function Of Coconut Sugar On Beverages

The Function Of Coconut Sugar On Beverages. Using sugar in food or drinks is natural. Because sugar is one of the most important food ingredients for a dish. Recently many people are paying more attention to sugar-giving on their food and beverages. The reason is they want to be healthy. For that many people are replacing it with natural sweetener like coconut sugarcoconut sugar. Not only on food/cuisine, coconut sugar can also be added to the drink.

The function of sugar in food processing include:

  • Gives a sweet taste

Many people love the sweetness in food and drink because of it they add sugar. The more conscious the public would be the dangers of refined sugar, they choose to use coconut sugar as its successor. It does not taste as sweet as sugar, but it will not harm your blood sugar.

  • Yeast food during fermented bread

In making bread there is a fermentation process by adding yeast to the dough. This process is intended to expand the bread. In that process if you add coconut sugar, then the function of coconut sugar is as a source of food for yeast growth. Texture of bread will also be more tender

  • Help in the formation of colors

Adding coconut sugar to the food making process or drink can affect the color of the final result. For example in making bread it will make a colored bread slightly browned on the outer skin. Similarly, the drink that will be brown like chocolate milk depends on the amount of coconut sugar added.

  • As a preservative

Sugar is a natural preservative. Products are cooked using coconut sugar in high concentrations then it will have a longer symptom capability. This is because preservation with sugar is the principle of preserving food by lowering the moisture content and the pH of ingredients with the addition of high concentrations of sugar and citric acid so as to inhibit the growth of microorganisms. High low acid from foodstuffs affects the shelf power.

  • Increase nutritional value of products

The Function Of Coconut Sugar On Beverages. The use of coconut sugar can increase the nutritional value of food and beverage products. Because coconut sugar has low glycemic index and contains many vitamins and minerals. This is what consumers are looking for.


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