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Pay attention to this when using coconut sugar to make a cake


Pay attention to this when using coconut sugar to make a cake
Not only for drinks or sauces, coconut sugar can also be used as an ingredient in cake.

Almost all cakes are suitable for processing with coconut sugar from coconut-coated solid lamingtons, rolled sponges, to delicate chiffon cakes. Coconut sugar can be used in cake dough, cake filling, or topping.

Moreover, coconut sugar has a distinctive and unique taste. Surely our cake is delicious and different from the others. But there are a few things that must be considered before adding coconut sugar to cake dough.

What are those things?

The sweetness of coconut sugar is only vague and caramelized; there are also traces of sourness due to fermentation.

The brown color invites appetites even the aroma is very distinctive. For cake making, coconut sugar is more suitable for us to use. If you don’t want to bother slicing the solid coconut sugar, just use ready-to-use powdered coconut sugar.

When choosing coconut sugar, better to choose with high quality one. The characteristics are it has a delicious taste and fitting taste. The smell is fragrant and not rancid.

The sweetness level is also just right and not choking on the neck. Apart from that, it is also smooth and not gruff.

Before processing into cake, coconut sugar must be sliced first so that it is easy to melt and directly mixed into the dough.

The slices must also be thin so that they dissolve quickly. In the cake, we can make it with various types of coconut sugar. For example, it is used for filling and mixed in the dough.

To make the cake more attractive, choose coconut sugar that is darker brown. Although it is unattractive when it is still sugar shape, when mixed it will give a bright color. In fact, coconut sugar, which is originally bright in color, will turn pale when mixed in the cake.

If you are already using coconut sugar like that, just add mocha or chocolate paste. Apart from adding color, this paste will also add to the taste of the cake.


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