Privilege Of Coconut Sugar Indonesia - Coconut Sugar Coconut Sugar

Privilege Of Coconut Sugar Indonesia

Privilege Of Coconut Sugar Indonesia. For the Javanese , coconut sugar may be familiar to the ear. Because every day a lot of food and drinks are produced using coconut sugar. In addition to producing round or semicircular coconut sugar, producers also produce crystal-shaped coconut sugar. The texture of the powder on coconut sugar Indonesia makes it lasts for a long period of time that is 2 years without experiencing discoloration and taste if wrapped in an airtight room.

Privilege Of Coconut Sugar Indonesia

Both plain and crystal-shaped coconut sugar Indonesia has many advantages, such as :

  • Includes 6 essential amino acids that are amino acids that cannot be produced naturally by the human body. It is also beneficial to form cell membranes that can balance the essential fat intake.
  • Coconut sugar also believed to decrease LDL cholesterol levels (bad cholesterol) as well as triglycerides. It can also form the body’s natural antibodies or immune system and align enzymes and hormones.
  • The GI on coconut sugar Indonesia ranges from 35, far below white sugar (which has a GI level between 85-93), Aren sugar (GI level at 70) as well as Honey (55). Simply put, the Glycemic Index represents the level or rank of food by its effect on blood glucose levels. The lower the level of the GI food, the more sluggish the glucose increase in the blood it generates. It will make blood sugar stabilized, as well as prevent the emergence of diabetes and obesity. It also causes the product to be safer to consume diabetics, obesity, and autistic

The increasing popularity of coconut sugar Indonesia makes people no longer ashamed to mix crystal coconut sugar in their drinks, and even have pride when using it. This product is now no longer just an alternative sweetener substitute cane sugar but has become a lifestyle.


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