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Strategies To Develop Coconut Sugar Indonesia

This Is A Bunch Of Strategies To Develop Coconut Sugar Indonesia. The high demand for coconut sugar Indonesia from the market makes the production of coconut sugar also increase. It makes the government gives serious attention to the development of coconut sugar in the country. The Ministry of Trade even wants the productivity and quality of coconut are better so it can add value in increasing the productivity of coconut sugar. Indonesia produces coconut sugar is still done traditionally by coconut sugar crafters. This actually becomes two opposing sides. On the one coconut sugar Indonesia will look more natural in its manufacture. But this is also causing no improvement in the quality of the coconut sugar Indonesia.

This Is A Bunch Of Strategies To Develop Coconut Sugar Indonesia

In order to make coconut sugar Indonesia becomes more competitive in the export market, it is necessary to improve the quality and productivity of coconut sugar. You can read some of the strategies that make coconut sugar Indonesia improve below.

  • First, we need to shorten the marketing chain of coconut sugar so that there is a higher margin to improve the welfare of farmers. Usually in Indonesia, between the coconut farmers or coconut sugar crafters and the distributor, there are many collectors. The coconut sugar crafters will collect their. Coconut sugar to the collectors at low prices before selling it directly to consumers. This makes the price of coconut sugar rise in the market.
  • Second, we guarantee the cleanliness of the coconut sugar produced by crafters. Quality assurance of coconut sugar Indonesia makes this product can be sold overseas.
  • Third, we do diversification of the product (product diversion) of coconut sugar. Coconut sugar Indonesia can be varied in the various form which indirectly will improve the image and strengthen the structure of their price.
  • Last, spreading the marketing system in many areas. In order to make coconut sugar Indonesia famous, it is necessary to do a broader market analysis in the range and alternative choices of consumers.

The last word is coconut sugar Indonesia can be the economic foundation of many people in Indonesia. Hopefully, coconut sugar Indonesia can dominate the world market.


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