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Coconut Sugar Indonesia Different with Palm Sugar

What Makes Coconut Sugar Indonesia Different with Palm Sugar?
Sugar is a flavor enhancer that everyone must know. Not only know, but some people are also actively consuming sugar both for drinks, food and snacks. Talk about sugar, there are many types of sugar out there. Starting from granulated sugar, rock sugar, brown sugar, palm sugar, coconut sugar, corn sugar, and etc.

Of the many types of sugar available, there are some sugars that have similar or almost the same appearance. They are coconut sugar Indonesia and palm sugar. What distinguishes these two types of brown sugar, huh?

Coconut Sugar Indonesia Different with Palm Sugar

The fundamental difference from the coconut sugar Indonesia and palm sugar actually comes from the ingredients. Coconut sugar is made from the sap of coconut trees. While palm sugar is made from palm tree sap. The process of making these sugar almost in the same way. Palm sap that has been tapped from a palm tree and coconut will be cooked in a large skillet and a large enough fire.

After the bubbles come out and burst, the liquid is stirred until it really thickens. Then, the liquid sugar is poured into a mold and allowed to cool.

Shape and appearance
Both coconut sugar and palm sugar have a brown color. The difference, the brown color of coconut sugar Indonesia is more reddish and some are light brown. While palm sugar, on average, has a darker brown. In terms of form, they also do not have much difference. There is a solid cylindrical shape and there is shaped like a half coconut shell. However, palm sugar is usually sold wrapped in coconut leaves and is quite easy to destroy. When crushed, from the inside of palm sugar there are also granules resembling crystals.

For the matter of taste, between coconut sugar coconut sugar and palm sugar is almost no different. Both are as sweet as sugar and taste concentrated. However, if you pay more attention to the taste, palm sugar tastes sweeter than coconut sugar.


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