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The Difference Between Coconut Sugar And Palm Sugar

The Difference Between Coconut Sugar And Palm Sugar. The increasing awareness of healthy living in modern society, the use of the sweetener is very noted in food and beverages. One of them by replacing refined sugar or white sugar with more natural sugar is coco sugar. Not only coco sugar, there are still many other natural sweeteners such as palm sugar, honey, maple syrup and stevie. Coconut sugar and palm sugar have high popularity. Many people consider that coco sugar and palm sugar are the same. But as both are included in the natural sweetener then many consider them the same. The fact that these two sugars are not the same.

The Difference Between Coco Sugar And Palm Sugar

So,  what is the difference between coco sugar and palm sugar? Coconut sugar comes from the flower sap of a coconut tree while palm sugar comes from the sap of tree trunk of Arenga Pinnata. Most people will mistakenly recognize these two trees. Although still in one family coconut trees and palm trees are different variety. You should check the list of ingredients. Coco sugar has a lighter color than palm sugar where coco sugar is more yellow-brown while palm sugar is darker brown.

What about the taste? Apparently coco sugar and palm sugar have different flavors. Coconut sugar has a mild flavor of caramel, and palm sugar feels more pronounced and more has a smoky flavor with an intense aroma. In some places, there are many sugar canes add in making palm sugar to make it feel lighter. If you want to taste pure palm sugar you can find it in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, Thailand, and Philipine. Speaking of nutrients, coco sugar is superior to palm sugar. Although it has low glycemic index  palm sugar has no vitamin and mineral content like coco sugar. You can choose it as an alternative sweetener.


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