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The Making Of Coconut Sugar You Must Know

The Making Of Coconut Sugar You Must Know. Many people consider the coconut tree as “a tree of life”. This is because almost all parts of the coconut tree can be utilized by humans. From stems, leaves, fruit, even coconut tree flowers. The sap of coconut flower buds is the basic ingredient of coconut sugar. The process of making coconut sugar is often done traditionally by the community. For people in Asia, especially Southeast Asia, many coconut sugar producers are found. Similar in Indonesia because coconut trees grow there.

There are several stages in making coconut sugar:

  • Collecting the sap

Nira is the sap that is from the flower buds of the coconut tree that was cut before. Producers will collect this fluid in a large bucket to be immediately cooked.

  • Filtering

The liquid of the coconut tree is filtered to separate the dirt that may be carried away during the collection.

  • Cooking

The next phase is cooking nira with the temperature 1100 C until boiling. If the nira has thickened then the flame is shrunk and continue to stir. It can take the time to cook 20 liters nira is 4-5 hours.

  • Cooling

After the cooking process stops, nira must still be stirring. The goal is to cool down to about 700 C. This stirring will also make the texture and color of coconut sugar be nice.

  • Molding

As soon as the temperature drops then we can mold it. This thickened fluid is printed as needed. If you want to get a sand-like texture then just have to stir until it agglomerate and become granular.

  • Packaging

The final stage is packing. Many producers still use traditional packaging like wrapping it with dried coconut leaves or corn skin. More modern producers will wrap it with plastic.

Many people move to coconut sugar after they know its benefits. After all,  sugar is sugar. If you want to leave the sugar in healthy way,  maybe coconut sugar is the answer.


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