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The Truth Facts About Coconut Sugar

The Truth Facts About Coconut Sugar. Doing a high diet of fructose and excess sugar will make you weak. Simple sugar will make you more easily hungry, interfere with hormone function, increase triglyceride, and risk obesity. During these few years coconut sugar is promoted as a healthier substitute sugar.

The Truth Facts About Coconut Sugar. Is that true? Coconut sugar producers made coconut sugar popular in a short time with its low glycemic index. This kind of marketing is exactly the same as used by fructose marketers about high fructose foods. It is true that fructose does not spring insulin like ordinary sugar, but surely it will become unhealthy. It can poisoning the liver and make hormonal functions to be chaotic. This applies also to palm sugar.

The truth about coconut sugar facts include:

  • Coconut sugar comes from the coconut blossom gum bud. This is not a derivative product of coconut because it does not contain coconut itself
  • Based on the Philippine Food and Nutrition Research Institute, coconut sugar contains nutrients such as iron, zinc, and potassium but not in a large amount. To get the benefits you have to eat it from authentic food
  • Coconut sugar has a low glycemic index. This figure does not measure fructose, which is the main component of coconut sugar. This figure is low because the body can not directly use it for energy.
  • Coconut sugar has sucrose as its main component of about 70-79%, sucrose in white sugar is made from half of the fructose. This indicates the fructose of coconut sugar and white sugar is the same amount.
  • Sugar is sugar. Whatever the shape if you eat it excessively it will reduce brain function, accumulate toxins in the liver, and turn it directly into fat.

Coconut sugar is not a superfood. Coconut sugar has a number of vitamins and minerals, but this does not allow you to eat them in large quantities and cause chaos in the body. You won’t  do that.


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