What Is Coconut Sugar, a Hype Alternative Of Sweetener - Coconut Sugar Coconut Sugar
What Is Coconut Sugar a Hype Alternative Of Sweetener

What Is Coconut Sugar, a Hype Alternative Of Sweetener

What Is Coconut Sugar, a Hype Alternative Of Sweetener. Coconut sugar is a sugar made from a sap bud flower from the coconut tree. The Coconut sugar lately gained popularity in many circles. Coconut sugar or in the area of Java called Brown Sugar has become a popular alternative to replace the function of white sugar because of its taste and perceived health benefits. In the manufacture of coconut sugar is assessed more naturally than white sugar. A Sap from the coconut flower or we call this “nira” will be boiled until the water content is largely evaporate. The result is a brown sugar because the caramelization process. It can be in granular or solid form.

What Is Coconut Sugar a Hype Alternative Of Sweetener.

Talking about the content of coconut sugar is actually almost the same as white sugar. These sugar contain about 79% is sucrose. The remaining molecules are glucose and fructose. Carbohydrates and calories from coconut sugar and white sugar also have the same amount. The only thing that distinguishes is that coconut sugar has a lot of mineral. Coconut sugar content such as potassium, potassium and others. The biggest benefit of consuming coconut sugar. Coconut sugar is low glycemic index around 35 and it will not raise your blood sugar level as white sugar can do. Coconut sugar is more plain than white sugar. If you want to use it for dessert then you should use it with pretty much quantity.

Until now, the use of coconut sugar has widespread not only in traditional cuisine. Even many cafes have started to change and using this coconut sugar. Now that many of us find coffee served with coconut sugar. For those of you who are not used to drinking coffee maybe this can be your choice because this coconut sugar make coffee flavor become lighter. Whatever the kind of sugar if too much consumption will raise blood triglyceride levels and lower HDL (good cholesterol) in the body so if you switch to coconut sugar be wise!

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