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How difficult to distinguish palm sugar and coconut sugar

How difficult to distinguish palm sugar and coconut sugar. Until now, there are still many who are difficult to distinguish palm sugar and coconut sugar, or even many who think the two sugars are the same.

Coconut sugar or palm sugar or palm sugar are two different types of sugar obtained in different ways from different plants. The problem is coconut sugar is sometimes called coconut sugar, which can cause confusion between the two types of sugar. This is a common mistake, with many online information sources also falsely claiming that it is one and the same. In many cases, they may be wrongly labeled. You must allow the ingredient list to only rely on the product name.

Palm sugar is harvested from palm tree trunks, while coconut sugar is derived from coconut tree flowers. Are those two different products with different harvest methods, are they different? How to use the others? We will answer these questions and more at this SPICEography Showdown.

How is palm sugar and coconut sugar different?

When considering the difference in taste between the two types of sugar. It is important to note that palm sugar that you get in the US usually prefers sugar cane. This is because pure palm sugar is hard to find. Winning, pure goods must be cut so that they are sufficient to meet market demand. In many cases, what is sold as palm sugar will give a different taste than the type you see given in traditional Asian recipes. All of that said, the types above above all have a similar taste. Whatever difference you find between most palm sugar and most coconut sugar will be subtle.

The most significant difference between lies in the fact that sugar has a caramel flavor, butterscotch is similar to brown sugar. The taste of pure palm sugar has many of the same notes, but comes with a smokier taste. Palm sugar is also the most fragrant of one. Discusses the differences between Indonesian palm sugar varieties and the Thai version, with the first having a greater color and stronger taste than the second.


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