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5 Reason You Have To Move To Coconut Sugar

5 Reason You Have To Move To Coconut Sugar . Sugar became the world’s number one public enemy. Many people who like food or sweet drinks, not aware that the sugar they add in food and drink can be threated them. Then, is there any healthy and natural way of consuming sweetness in your coffee without trimming the use of sugar? Apparently, the answer may be coconut sugar, which actually has many health benefits. Coconut sugar is claimed to replace refined sugar.

Below are 5 reasons you should switch to coconut sugar:

Contains many electrolytes

Coconut sugar contains a lot of potassium, potassium, magnesium, and sodium that are good for regulating moisture content in the body such as for heart, nerve and muscle function.

Low glycemic index

In ordinary refined sugar has a glycemic index 65. While the coconut sugar is only 35 and this is approaching the number of natural glycemic index in fruits of 25.

There are much nitrogen

Many do not know that this coconut sugar contains nitrogen. That helps support cardiovascular system and helps to maintain your heart health.

Raw Antioxidants

Because coconut sugar is only a dehydrated coconut sap, it is considered as raw food and this means it still holds a lot of antioxidants content such as its original source.

Short-chain fatty acids

In the good fatty acids coconut sugar is widely contained in it is known to prevent high cholesterol and heart disease.

5 Reason You Have To Move To Coconut Sugar . Coconut sugar can replace refined sugar in the ratio of 1:1. which is means it is easy to make the transition. It’s similar to brown sugar by consistency, so make sure you give a little extra time to make it melt. Or mix it with other ingredients as you cook or make cakes with it. Some refined sugar process uses charcoal from the animal bones to make it white and smooth. But you do not have to worry because this coconut sugar only processed once and use wood charcoal. You can use it in your own coffee. In a favorite vegan dessert recipe, or in almost any other places you use regular sugar. So what are you waiting for?


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