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Which Is Better With Ordinary Sugar Or Coconut Sugar

Which Is Better With Ordinary Sugar Or Coconut Sugar. Every sweetener absorbed by the body must have a glycemic index. The glycemic index is a scale to measure how quickly the carbohydrates consumed increase the glucose in your blood. Foods that have a high glycemic index will have a greater impact on increasing your blood sugar.

The range of scales used to measure the glycemic index is 1-100. An index below 55 is considered not to significantly affect the body’s blood sugar, but if it is higher it is likely to be unhealthy. Regarding the glycemic index of java sugar, as reported by the Philippine Food and Nutrition Research Institute, found that brown coconut sugar or palm sugar has a low glycemic index of 35. This study was conducted on 10 respondents. Almost twice different from the sugar glycemic index value of 64, which means close to the high glycemic index (> 70).

Which Is Better With Ordinary Sugar Or Coconut Sugar?

In addition to the low glycemic index value, coconut sugar also contains a number of nutrients that are not present or very little is found in granulated sugar. Coconut brown sugar also contains a number of amino acids and vitamins. So, it is safer and more beneficial than brown sugar.

So, coconut sugar safer for diabetics?

Currently there are various kinds of food and beverage sweeteners available on the market. Starting from the most common such as white sugar, brown sugar, saccharin, palm sugar, to corn sugar. Even each type of sweetener is also provided in different forms. For example, rock sugar, granulated sugar, refined sugar, and syrup. Many choices available, many people are often mistaken which ones are healthier and which are more dangerous. For you or a loved one who has diabetes, surely you should not have mistakenly chosen the safest sweetener. The reason is, each type of sugar has a different content as well.


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