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Easy Tips For Making Coconut Sugar Sauce.

Easy Tips For Making Coconut Sugar Sauce. Coconut sugar famous for its flavor and aroma have been used as a sweetener in various foods. Not only as a mixture or ingredient, but coconut sugar can also be made into a sauce as a complement to food. Some Indonesian food such as porridge, pancake, ice dawet to coconut sticky rice using a sweet sauce made from coconut sugar. Making a sweet sauce from coconut sugar is easy but you still have to pay attention to some things.

Easy Tips For Making Coconut Sugar Sauce

Easy tips for making sweet sauce from coconut sugar are:

  • Use good quality of coconut sugar

If you want a delicious and legit sauce you should always use coconut sugar with the best quality. You can use coconut sugar that is dark brown, not pale or black. The texture should also not crystallize and not too harsh, not sandy and not hollow.

  • Cutting coconut sugar

You may just have coconut sugar with a shape on the like of a chunk at home. Therefore, you should slice the coconut sugar before boiling it to melt. Coconut sugar that is not cut when it boil it will usually be difficult to melt and can even be burnt in the base of the container.

  • Use a small flame

To make sweet coconut sugar sauce, you can use a comparison of 2:1 for sugar and water. In order to get a more fragrant sauce, you can put a few strands of pandan leaves. Boil the water by using a small fire and occasionally stirring so that it is not burnt.

  • Determine the viscosity of the sauce

Viscosity of the sauce can be easily adjusted. The longer the cook, the thicker.

  • Filter and save

You can filter the coconut sugar sauce to get a cleaner result. Once filtered you can keep it in a closed place and put in the refrigerator to make it more durable.

Making coconut sugar sauce and storing it will make you easier to use coconut sugar. This sauce can also be used to cook as a substitute for sugar and more practical.


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