Tips For Choosing And Keep Your Coconut Sugar

Tips For Choosing And Keep Your Coconut Sugar. Some people love the food that uses coconut sugar instead of white sugar. They love it because the flavor from coconut sugar is very typical. In addition coconut sugar also gives a beautiful brown color, especially food with gravy. If you are not very familiar with coconut sugar, usually we will be confused when buying it. There are many types of red sugar in a traditional market. The difference is that coconut sugar has a darker color than the two sugars. But to make sure you have to do some tips.

Tips For Choosing And Keep Your Coconut Sugar

Tips for those of you who are confused in choosing coconut sugar:

  • Note the color of sugar

You need to know that the original coconut sugar has a color that is not too dark. Choose a sugar with a bold and colored perfectly. Avoid buying coconut sugar that has irregular color and no patches. It is possible if the coconut sugar has been added to other ingredients and is not pure anymore. Choosing coconut sugar with pale color can also indicate that the sugar is not too sweet and the cooking process is not very long and will not be good if added to the food.

  • See the sugar texture

The original coconut sugar has a harder, more dense texture than the fake coconut sugar. Choose coconut sugar that has a flat surface, not sandy and has no cavity. Buying a intact coconut sugar indicates if sugar has never been used.

  • Note where to store

Storing coconut sugar is not a difficult thing. You just need to put it in a dry container and cover. What you shouldn’t do is keep it in a place that is directly exposed to sunlight. This will make it quick to wander. Avoid also other materials that smell strongly.

Replacing white sugar with coconut sugar is one way to live healthily. But it will be bad if you are not careful in choosing and storing it. So keep a look at the tips above.


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