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Why Coconut Sugar Indonesia Safe To Diabetics

The Reason Why Coconut Sugar Indonesia Safe To Diabetics. There are many kinds of sugar that can we use it as a sweetener in food or drink. For example, there are granulated sugar, syrup, rock sugar and crystals. With so many types of sugar, people are often mistaken in choosing which is healthier and which is actually not good for our health.

Especially if you are one of the people with diabetes, some of the sugar you should avoid. This is because every of sugar has a different content. But since coconut sugar is considered safer for consumption, you don’t need to worry anymore. You can replace your white sugar with coconut sugar Indonesia which has the best quality.

Why Coconut Sugar Indonesia Safe To Diabetics

But how come coconut sugar Indonesia is safe for diabetics? This is good news for you.

  •  Lowering glucose
    The reason why diabetics can use coconut sugar Indonesia is a great benefit that coconut sugar is able to reduce glucose levels. Glucose is a blood sugar level that strongly triggers diabetes. Therefore, it is obligatory to always control glucose in the body. If you are a diabetic, you don’t need to worry about it if you eat coconut sugar Indonesia. Coconut sugar Indonesia contains sucrose possessed is only 70-79%. This includes glucose and fructose by about 35%. This figure is somewhat lower than white sugar.
  • Balancing the Glycemic Index
    Coconut sugar Indonesia offers a glycemic index of 35. This is almost twice lower than white sugar whose glycemic index is approximately 60-65. For diabetics, the benefits of coconut sugar are very meaningful for their health. Therefore, foods with a high glycemic index will have a great impact on increasing blood sugar.
  • Boost immunity
    Who would have thought, it turns out that coconut sugar Indonesia is loaded with powerful antioxidant that counteracts the negative effect of free radical while being able to maintain the immune system of people with diabetes.
  • That the reason why coconut sugar Indonesia is safer for diabetics. We hope this information can help you as diabetics to choose the best sweetener

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