Drink Coffee With Coconut Sugar Indonesia? Why Not!

Drink Coffee With Coconut Sugar Indonesia? Why Not. The proliferation of local coffee shop makes the coffee business competitiveness even higher. Each offers a distinctive taste. One of the trends is adding coconut sugar as a sweetener instead of white sugar. Many local coffee shops using coconut sugar Indonesia in order to increase the local economy too.

Coconut sugar Indonesia has a different taste because it processed in a natural way and no bleaching like white sugar. Using coconut sugar Indonesia to drink coffee turned out to have several advantages compared to using white sugar.

Drink Coffee With Coconut Sugar Indonesia? Why Not!

Here are some of the advantages of coconut sugar for coffee.

  • They have more of mineral
    Through various studies that have been done in the laboratory, it is known that the fiber content in coconut sugar Indonesia is more than granulated sugar. There are potassium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, manganese, and copper. In addition, there are flavonoids, polyphenols, and anthocyanidins in a small amount.
  • Glycemic index is lower than white sugar
    The glycemic index of food determines how fast the food can raise blood sugar in a person’s body. The glycemic index in coconut sugar Indonesia is far better than granulated sugar. This is good for diabetics because it not spike your blood sugar level.
  • Drinking coffee with coconut sugar become a culture
    The advantages of coconut sugar Indonesia for drinking coffee are so great that it makes the culture of drinking coffee with coconut sugar more developed. In many places, it is often to see people drink coffee with coconut sugar not white sugar/granulated sugar. This makes easier to spread how to be healthier by drinking coffee with coconut sugar Indonesia. Many local shops serve coffee menus with coconut sugar.

The combination of coffee and coconut sugar will give you a new experience of enjoying coffee in a healthy way. For this trend, you can buy coconut sugar Indonesia in markets near you.


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