What Is The Good Criteria Of Coconut Sugar Indonesia By SNI Standards

What Is The Good Criteria Of Coconut Sugar Indonesia By SNI Standards? SNI stands for Standar Nasional Indonesia or Indonesian National Standard. When we run a business or a production business, then, of course, we will be faced with a number of regulations and also applicable laws. Related to a number of government provisions, this is done to maintain and also implement a number of obligations and also our rights as business people.

What Is The Good Criteria Of Coconut Sugar Indonesia By SNI Standards

The government implements much regulation which certainly. Have gone through various consideration and also right calculations for the progress of the economy in Indonesia. Coconut sugar Indonesia also has SNI before it comes out to sell in the market.

So, what are the good criteria of coconut sugar Indonesia by SNI? You can read below.
– Smell: Normal
– Taste: Normal, Typical
– Color: Yellow to brownish
– Water: Max. 10% bb
– Ash: Max. 2»
– Sugar production: Max. 10»
– Amount of Sugar As Sakrosa: Min. 77»
– Water-Soluble Parts: Max. 1»
Metal Contamination
– Zinc (Zn): Max. 40 mg/kg
– Lead (Tb) : Max. 2 mg/kg
– Copper (Cu) : Max. 10 mg/kg
– Mercury (Hg) : 0.03 mg/kg
– Tin (Sn) : 0 mg/kg
– Arsenic (As): Max. 40 mg/kg

Coconut sugar Indonesia is produced to meet the needs of local, national, regional and international markets. But the market demands safe, healthy, quality, halal/kosher, organic or natural coconut sugar and green labeling products. First, implementing an organic farming system of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), second Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Third, Good Hygiene Practices (GHP). Fourth, Good Distribution Practices (GDP). Fifth, Good Retailing Practices (GRP) and Good Catering Practisces (GCP). This provision is a challenge for the government because until now there are many craftsmen of coconut sugar using food additives (BTP) with unmeasured doses. But don’t worry coconut sugar Indonesia is made from natural nectar and there are no food additives.


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