Indonesian’s Traditional Cake That Use Coconut Sugar - Coconut Sugar Coconut Sugar

Indonesian’s Traditional Cake That Use Coconut Sugar

Indonesian’s Traditional Cake That Use Coconut Sugar

Indonesia has a variety of delicious and appetizing culinary. Speaking of traditional cakes, there are some interesting things from traditional Indonesian cakes, especially Javanese. In general, traditional cakes use ingredients that are still natural, using coconut sugar to add sweetness and use the sprinkles of grated coconut to create a more savory flavor.

Indonesian’s Traditional Cake That Use Coconut Sugar. This time we have a list of traditional Indonesian cakes that use coconut sugar in it. What are you?

  • Klepon

The soft, chewy texture makes people want to keep bitting them again and again. The flavor stored from the klepon is very tasty, sensation, even addictive. The secret to the delicacy of klepon is that it is made of coconut sugar that is melted first.

  • Misro

Misro is a traditional food originating from West Java. This cake is made from the base of cassava that is shredded, then it is filled with coconut sugar that has been finely sliced. Misro is not only favored by parents but also children because of its sweetness.

  • Cucur

Cucur or called Tutulu is a special snack of Gorontalo made from a mixture of wheat flour and rice flour. Although it tastes just sweet from coconut sugar and oily, this cucur still liked by everyone. The fibers formed on the cake as well as the dried edges of the crispy and slightly wavy sides give this cake its uniqueness.

  • Gemblong

Gemblong served with a mixture of coconut sugar sauce. However, it is said that the secret of the delicacy of Gemblong.

The addition of coconut sugar is actually done for a long time ago. Among so many traditional Indonesian snacks which one do you like the most? Please try!


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