Recommended Best Coconut Sugar Brand In 2019

Recommended Best Coconut Sugar Brand In 2019. Coconut sugar has been known as a substitute sweetener for granulated sugar or cane sugar. In Indonesia, there are three kinds of sugar that often makes confused. The first is coconut sugar or more familiar called red sugar. The last is the cane sugar. People said coconut sugar is claimed to be healthier to serve as a food and beverage sweetener.

Recommended Best Coconut Sugar Brand In 2019

Below we give the recommendation of the best coconut sugar brand 2019 in the market:

  • House Of Organix Organic Coconut Sugar

Finding organic coconut sugar is now easier to do online. The products of this House Of Organix Organic Coconut Sugar can be your choice. This product does not contain GMO and uses coconut cultivation. With a cheap price will definitely make you more excited about healthy living.

This coconut sugar product can be used as a mixture of making cakes. This coconut sugar is claimed without additional chemical substances and having a lot of macro nutrients. This product is suitable to be a substitute for your cane sugar.

  • Natura 100 % Pure Organic Coconut Sugar

Natura 100 % Pure Organic Coconut Sugar is one of the premium qualities of coconut sugar. This product is certified from USDA and EcoCert and this is free of GMO. For those of you who are undergoing a diet will definitely love. This product because it contains only 19 calories. You know in every 5 grams of powdered coconut sugar.

  • Javara Crystal Coconut Sugar Original

It is a local product with guaranteed quality. Javara cooperates with smallholders in Central Java to make this coconut sugar. Do not worry because this product has been certified. Certified from USDA, EU, and JAS. If you support economic growth in the country it’s time to choose this coconut sugar product.

Coconut sugar has a distinctive flavor and aroma. Therefore, replacing the use of cane sugar to coconut sugar. Hopefully, it can support a healthy lifestyle.


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