Why is Coconut Sugar Price Expensive? This is the reason

Why is Coconut Sugar Price Expensive? This is the reason. Who doesn’t know coconut sugar, aka brown sugar? Almost all Indonesians know this sugar, which is legitimate and has a distinctive taste. Usually, coconut sugar will be used as a seasoning of Javanese cuisine so that the dish has a delicious taste. Not only that, coconut sugar┬áis also commonly used as a sauce or filling for traditional cakes. In fact, coconut sugar has become one of the natural sweeteners for several healthy drinks such as turmeric or tamarind. Now coconut sugar has even been seen by the public to be used in daily food and beverages.

Why is Coconut Sugar Price Expensive? This is the reason

With the increasing number of people who switch to consuming coconut sugar from regular white sugar, the demand is also growing. But unlike regular white sugar, the price of coconut sugar in the market is generally more expensive and even though the demand is large, the price is still higher than regular white sugar. Then why is the price of coconut sugar more expensive than regular granulated sugar? Here are the answers. The first is the process which is still done traditionally. The processed coconut sugar production process consists of eight stages, namely tapping the sap, refining coconut palm, reducing the foam, washing, dots, stirring, and printing. Second, the ingredients are organic. Coconut sugar is made from coconut tree sap which is very concerned about how to plant it so that it far from contaminated areas. Before coconut sugar is circulated, organic certification testing is also carried out.

The next reason why coconut sugar is more expensive is because it is healthier than regular white sugar. Coconut sugar has a low glycemic level and this shows. That coconut sugar will not raise blood sugar levels quickly in the body. Coconut sugar also has many other nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and flavonoids. With the 3 reasons above, it is natural that coconut sugar has a higher price than granulated sugar. Coconut sugar is considered good for health, you must keep it in the right amount and don’t overdo it.

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