An Business Idea For You From Coconut Sugar Indonesia

Coffee With Coconut Sugar Indonesia : An Business Idea For You. Coffee is no longer identified as the drinks of the old people at night. Now coffee is transformed into a current drink that is popular between young people. Moreover, coffee with milk is a main menu in various modern cafes.

An Business Idea For You From Coconut Sugar Indonesia

Not only hot coffee, but another favorite of this coffee is ice coffee with coconut sugar. This drink gives a different sensation from how to enjoy coffee with a mixture of several ingredients. You can use coconut sugar Indonesia for its sweetness and ice mixture for a refreshing cool sensation. See the recipe below.

Ingredient :
– 40 gr coffee powder
– 100 ml hot water
– 5-10 tablespoons coconut sugar Indonesia
– 100 ml full cream milk
– 2 tablespoons cream powder

Instructions :
1. First, make the coffee brew. Mix coffee powder with hot water. Better to use pure coffee powder than instant coffee powder. Brewing a strong coffee can use a French press tool to eliminate coffee grounds easily.
2. Preheat milk first. This is to reduce the water content in milk and highlight the original taste of milk. Don’t forget to add the cream powder in this process because usually the texture of milk is still pretty runny.
3. Put coconut sugar Indonesia at the bottom of the cup as a sweetener. Next, pour the milk that has been mixed with cream powder. Follow up by pouring coffee. The coffee and milk must be cool enough when mixed.

For business people, this is a pretty promising opportunity. The demand for ice coffee with coconut sugar is still high. The capital to make its own ice coffee also consists of simple ingredients. Compared to the commercial coffee outlet, the price of this iced coffee is quite affordable for young people. So are you interested to make a business with?


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