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Distinguish Coconut Sugar Which Contains Chemicals

Choose Coconut Sugar Indonesia and How To Distinguish Coconut Sugar Which Contains Chemicals.

Indonesian cuisine can’t be separated from coconut sugar. Especially when Ramadhan the menu at the dinner always using coconut sugar. Even for daily cooking, they use coconut sugar. That’s why coconut sugar Indonesia comes. The increasing demand for coconut sugar for household needs and for business has an impact on the availability of stock on the market.

Due to the traditional process of making coconut sugar, it is rather difficult for mass-scale production. Unfortunately, this is a gap for the bad producer to make coconut sugar which contains chemicals. The process usually by adding sweeteners from cane sugar or another additive.

How To Distinguish Coconut Sugar Which Contains Chemicals

In order that you are not wrong in buying the real coconut sugar like coconut sugar Indonesia you should do these tips below:
– The texture of real coconut sugar is smoother compared to the fake one. If you touch, that the fake ones have a grainy texture.
– The sweet taste of real coconut sugar feels legit and does not make you have a cough. It is in contrast to fake coconut sugar it feels very sweet and somewhat bitter.

– The real coconut sugar if you cut the inside there are no small holes. However, the fake coconut sugar you will see a lot of holes inside.
– The real coconut sugar has a semi-solids texture or easily made crumbs. If you hit the real coconut sugar it easily destroyed. Unlike the fake ones, the texture tends to be hard and if scraped using a spoon, the sugar flakes will be shattered like gravel.
– The color of real coconut sugar mixed with cane sugar or other sweeteners tends to be dark and shiny.
– The taste of fake coconut sugar tends to sweet as cane sugar. While the real coconut sugar sweet and savory and has a distinctive flavor.
That’s the easy tips to distinguish the real coconut sugar that you can do. Remember to choose coconut sugar Indonesia if you want the real ones.


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