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Coconut Sugar Indonesia For Vegan

Best Dessert With Coconut Sugar Indonesia For Vegan. The vegan diet not only avoid consumption of all animal product, but they also priorities to eat healthy foods. For example, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. The use of sugar is also limited, especially of refined sugar.

Besides being unhealthy, some refined sugar processing uses charcoal from animal bones to create white color.

Best Dessert With Coconut Sugar Indonesia For Vegan

Fortunately, you can use coconut sugar Indonesia as a sweetener because the process doesn’t involve bone char. You can enjoy the sweetness without worry about that. This is some of a healthy recipe using coconut sugar Indonesia.
Healthy Coconut Pudding

Ingredients :
– 1 young coconut
– Fresh coconut water from the coconut
– 350 gr Coconut Sugar Indonesia
– 2 packs plain gelatin

Directions :
1. Boil coconut sugar Indonesia with water until dissolved. Filter it and set aside.
2. Mix 2 packs of plain gelatin into the sugar water and mix it until boiling.
3. Add fresh coconut water and shredded coconut into the pot.
4. Put the mixture into a bowl or a cups and refrigerate it.
5. Serve when it cool and have solid texture.
Chocolate Chips with Coconut Sugar
Ingredients :
– 1 cup flour
– 2/3 cup coconut sugar Indonesia
– ½ teaspoon salt
– ½ cup butter
– ½ teaspoon baking soda
– 1 egg
– ½ teaspoon vanilla
– ½ cup walnuts
– ½ cup of chocolate chips

1. First of all heat oven to 375
2. In a bowl mix the flour, salt, and baking soda.
3. In another small bowl mix the walnuts and chocolate chips and set aside.
4. Mix the butter and coconut sugar Indonesia until creamy. Add egg and vanilla.
5. Add the flour, salt, and baking soda and mix well.
6. The last is to add the chocolate chips and the walnuts. Blend it together with a spoon.
7. Put a spoon into a baking sheet and bake it for 8-10 minutes.
8. Cool it then serves.
So it’s easy to make a dessert with coconut sugar Indonesia, isn’t it? Let’s try!


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