Coconut Sugar Indonesia: How To Save It For Long Lasting?

Coconut Sugar Indonesia: How To Save It For Long Lasting? Check This Out. Coconut sugar is one of the sugar variants that is certainly familiar in the culinary world especially Javanese cuisine. The role of coconut sugar becomes crucial in every menu of Javanese cuisine because its distinctive taste is difficult to be replaced with other sugar. One of the best coconut sugar is coconut sugar Indonesia. Because coconut sugar Indonesia is made from coconut’s sap that is cooked and cooled naturally, coconut sugar Indonesia is more easily damaged to have moisture than sugar that is processed in the factory and has a low humidity level. Therefore, special tricks are needed to save it so it is durable and not easy to moldy or rancid.

Coconut Sugar Indonesia: How To Save It For Long Lasting

This is the way to store coconut sugar Indonesia so that is last longer.
1. Airtight container
Store coconut sugar Indonesia in a jar that doesn’t allow air ventilation. Some jars or containers are not really tight so there is the air still coming in. This makes the aroma of coconut sugar wafting out so it can reduce the quality of coconut sugar and even inviting ants.
2. Clove
Save coconut sugar with a few cloves in it.
3. Store at room temperature
If you are afraid that coconut sugar will melt because the temperature sometimes rises, put it in the freezer in a closed container. Try cutting into small pieces so when using it can be more easily.

Another way to store coconut sugar Indonesia is to put a piece of bread ar sliced of apples. This aims to soften coconut sugar when stored. Use coconut sugar Indonesia as soon as possible to maintain the freshness. Try to use coconut sugar in the same month or precisely when you buy it.


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