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Coconut Sugar Indonesia Safe For Diabetics. Why Not?

Coconut Sugar Indonesia Safe For Diabetics. Why Not? In an effort to control blood sugar levels, people with diabetes are encouraged to limit their sugar intake. This rule often makes diabetics have to rack their brain to get around the diet, including determining the type of sugar they should eat. There are many various types of sugar who commonly used in everyday cooking, one of them is coconut sugar Indonesia. Natural sweetener that can be used as a cooking spice too is Coconut Sugar Indonesia. If we compared to other sweeteners, including white sugar, coconut sugar Indonesia has a lower glycemic index (IG), which is around 54. The lower the IG score, the less effect it has on blood sugar levels. It can be said that coconut sugar Indonesia is safe for consumption with diabetes.

Coconut Sugar Indonesia Safe For Diabetics. Why Not?

Although coconut sugar Indonesia is classified as safe, the consumption of coconut sugar must be done in the correct amount and manner. This is because coconut sugar still contains carbohydrates and calories. Not to mention, actually the levels of calories coconut sugar is almost similar to white sugar and it is suitable for many activities. But in addition, coconut sugar has a higher mineral content than white sugar, consisting of potassium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, nitrogen, sodium and iron.

Coconut sugar Indonesia also contains fiber known as Inulin, which helps slow down glucose absorption. Coconut sugar Indonesia can be consumed in a very small amount for diabetics. You should folloed it by brisk walking for 15 minutes to help the body take advantage of excess sugar. Diabetics are encouraged to consume food that have a low glycemic index. This means that certain foods when consumed are not immediately digested and release sugar in the blood. One of that is coconut sugar Indonesia.


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