Is the coconut sugar Indonesia Eco-friendly?

Indonesia people generally use sugar from sugar cane, but there is also sugar which is produced from other ingredients such as coconut sugar. Coconut sugar derived from the sap has used and cannot be replaced with cane sugar. The demand for coconut sugar for export needs reaches 5000 tons/month with export capability reaches 1200 tons/months. This gap can become a large market to be developed.

Is the coconut sugar Indonesia Eco-friendly?

Coconut sugar Indonesia is very safe for direct consumption. This is because the process is without using chemical and when viewed from environmental aspect doesn’t pollute the environment itself. It can be said that coconut sugar Indonesia is the most eco-friendly sweetener in the world.

The reason why coconut sugar Indonesia is one of the most eco-friendly claimed by The Food and Agriculture Association of the United Nations. Coconut trees only need a little water to grow to produce the sap. This is can build up self-sustenance to the farmers because of the rising demand for coconut sugar. The flow of the sap from coconut trees can be tapped until twenty years longers and the production of coconuts will grow less until 50 years. This is makes the coconut trees still be useful.

Coconut trees also backing various ecosystems. Since coconut sugar Indonesia contributes to many profits for people around the world, they will tend to care about these ecosystems in order to maintain coconut trees alive. Harvesting for coconuts or sap doesn’t hurt the tree or the environment. Buying coconut sugar Indonesia means that you support eco-friendly farming of coconuts sugar. Besides its advantages for our healthy, coconut sugar Indonesia in one of the option you should choose if you care about how sustainable is that. So what are you waiting for? Let’s move to coconut sugar Indonesia.


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