Benefits of crystal coconut sugar Indonesia

Benefits of crystal coconut sugar Indonesia.
Coconut sugar Indonesia in the form of crystals or powder, sometimes also called ant sugar. Crystal coconut sugar Indonesia has been trusted and proven to have many health benefits compared to cane or white sugar. In addition to giving a sweet taste of coconut sugar is considered low in calories, contains mineral salts, and is rich in nutrients and vitamin A.

Benefits of crystal coconut sugar Indonesia

Its use is more practical because it dissolves easily, plus it is durable because of low water content. This sugar can be added to herbs or warm drinks, bread dough, cakes, or other foods.

Coconut sugar Indonesia is used for various purposes, for example:
1. Household needs, such as spices, and sweetener snacks.
2. As a raw material for the light food industry such as fried getuk, nopia, jenang or dodol, soy sauce, bows, pancakes, candles, and others.
3. Sweetener drinks, such as cendol ice, grass jelly ice.
4. As a supporting material for the food industry such as several types of bread, angleng, putu, rengginang, eming manis and shredded.

The use of coconut sugar is difficult to replace with other sugars. Because coconut sugar has a distinctive color, feel and flavor.
Crytal coconut sugar Indonesiacoconut sugar Indonesia has many uses as a substitute for granulated sugar. Crystals coconut sugar is very delicious when used as a sweetener of tea and coffee drinks.

According to the researchers, the content of coconut sugar is quite good compared to sugar. Made from other ingredients because the sugar content is low so it is good for diabetics. Contains high calories and no side effects on the body.

Coconut sugar Indonesia is quite rich in elements of protein, minerals, vitamin C, riboflavin, thiamine, phosphorus and calcium. As a flavor enhancer and enhancing the efficacy of health drinks when added to spices such as ginger, turmeric acid, ginger, and others. What is used is not only the sweet taste but also the beautiful brown color to strengthen the physical appearance of food.


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