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Coconut sugar glycemic index

Coconut sugar glycemic index. The glycemic index is a scale to measure how quickly the carbohydrates consumed increase the glucose in your blood. Foods that have a high glycemic index will have a greater impact on increasing your blood sugar. The range of scales used to measure the glycemic index is 1-100. Foods whose index is equal to or below 55 are considered to have little effect on blood sugar and insulin production in the body. An index of 56 or more indicates a moderate effect. An index above 70 must be considered because it can make glucose in your blood increase significantly.

Coconut sugar offers a glycemic index of 35. This figure is almost twice lower compared to white sugar whose glycemic index is approximately 60-65. This is what causes many diabetics to start leaving white sugar and turn to coconut sugar. However, be careful because some coconut sugar producers are still mixing white sugar.

Coconut sugar glycemic index

Special Diabetes Sugar: Can It Really Reduce Blood Sugar?

Many sugar products specifically for diabetics are marketed with the aim. That diabetics can continue to enjoy sugary foods without worrying that their blood sugar will rise. This special diabetes sugar product contains artificial sweeteners. Also commonly referred to as low-calorie sweeteners, sugar substitutes, or non-nutritional sweeteners. This artificial sweetener does not contain calories, but it contains a sweet taste hundreds of times more than ordinary sugar.

Artificial sweeteners are sugar substitutes that have zero calories and cannot increase blood sugar levels with adequate use. Artificial sweeteners have hundreds of times the sweetness of ordinary sugar. So the use of even small amounts can make your food or drink sweet. Because of this nature, artificial sweeteners are a choice as a sugar substitute for diabetics or for those of you who want to lose weight.


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