The Difference Between Coconut Sugar And White Sugar

The Difference Between Coconut Sugar And White Sugar. One sugar that is not less popular with white sugar. Coconut sugar is a type of brown sugar. Many people believe that coco sugar is much healthier and safer for diabetics compared to white sugar. No wonder now that you can easily find palm sugar products anywhere, even when you buy a cup of coffee at a cafe. To prove whether this rising sugar is actually safer than white sugar, consider the following explanation.

The similarity of coconut sugar and white sugar. Both types of sugar have almost the same texture. You can find coconut sugarĀ  in the form of crystals or sand, liquid, and frozen. The content of carbohydrates and calories of both types of sugar is the same. In each teaspoon, coconut sugar contains 16 calories in about 4 grams of carbohydrates.

The Difference Between Coconut Sugar And White Sugar

The difference between coco sugar and white sugar. In plain view, these two sugars are quite easy to distinguish. The color of coco sugar is brownish red, like dark orange. Meanwhile, white sugar is usually white or yellowish white. Furthermore, here are the differences between the two sugars.

Basic ingredients, coco sugar is made from roomie (liquid that comes out of plant stems or sap of flowers) coconut tree which is also often called coco. The term sugar in English is coconut sugar. Although similar and often mistaken for the same, both types of brown sugar have different properties and properties. Meanwhile, white sugar is made from sugar cane palm juice.

In the processing process, these two sugars also have basic differences. After being frozen into crystals, white sugar will then go through a refining process. This process involves washing, bleaching, and recrystallizing raw white sugar. The end result is sugar currently on the market. In this complicated process, white sugar will lose its original nutrition. Unlike white sugar, coconut sugar does not go through a refining process.


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