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Indonesian’s Traditional Drinks That Use Coconut Sugar

Indonesian’s Traditional Drinks That Use Coconut Sugar. The traditional drink is known for its natural flavor. Not only that, but some types of traditional drinks also have good benefits for the health of the body. Various traditional beverage recipes today have also undergone a lot of modifications following the trends and developments of the times. However, it is not necessary to worry, because the taste and benefits are still the same as the original recipe. Coconut sugar becomes popular even in traditional drinks.

Indonesian’s Traditional Drinks That Use Coconut Sugar

These are some of traditional drink that use coconut sugar:

  • Es Dawet Ireng. Dawet Ireng becomes one of the traditional drinks that have a sweet taste of coconut sugar. The soft, chewy dawet or cendol texture is also a plus. In addition to its distinctive black color. Commonly enjoyed in cold conditions or ice cubes.
  • Es Kacang Hijau. One of them is green beans ice. It has a distinctive flavor and texture, ice green beans can be made with ingredients such as coconut sugar, ginger, coconut milk, and jack fruit.
  • Wedang Ronde. Wedang ronde is usually sold by street vendors with a wheelbarrow or in roadside stalls. The combination of ginger and coconut sugar that warms with various complementary ingredients makes this drink always missed.
  • This is a traditional drink from West Java. This drink is served warmly. This drink is made from a mixture of coconut sugar. Also coconut milk and ground coffee. But it can be given with many kind of fillings such as kolang kaling and bread.
  • Bandrek is a warm drink made from the main ingredient of ginger and coconut sugar coupled with lemongrass. Bandrek is very suitable for drinking during rainy or cold weather.

Various traditional beverage recipes can be tried and formulated as a reference for the release of different thirst dishes. Good luck!


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