Various types of coconut sugar are widely sold in the market

Various types of coconut sugar are widely sold in the market. Coconut sugar has been produced by Indonesians for a long time. Sugar is a sweetener for food and beverages. There is more than one type of sugar, one of which is Javanese sugar or coconut sugar. This is one of the sugars that are widely used in Indonesian culinary delights. Coconut sugar is suitable for a variety of foods, cakes, and drinks. Coconut sugar has advantages over white sugar. This sugar is not only sweet, but also healthier and more beneficial than other sweeteners. In coconut sugar, there are a number of substances such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and iron.

Various types of coconut sugar are widely sold in the market

Coconut sugar has a unique color that is a dark reddish-brown color. Coconut sugar is generally sold in a small solid cylinder. However, as time goes by, Coconut sugar is now also sold in liquid or powder form. This is deliberately done so that coconut sugar is easier to process. The form of coconut sugar which is commonly sold is in solid form. Coconut sugar will be molded first and then cooled. Some are made of coconut shells or bamboo. This type of coconut sugar can be easily found in traditional markets to supermarkets. Many prefer coconut sugar in a solid form because it looks more natural.

Furthermore, there is coconut sugar in powder form. This type is usually called sugar ant. Actually the process of making coconut sugar in the form of powder is almost the same as the process of printing coconut sugar. It’s just that the stirring process before printing is followed by the process of shifting coconut sugar. This process aims to form coconut sugar into powder. Powdered coconut sugar products have been innovated with products that are suitable for the present, such as coconut sugar, flavored with ginger, chocolate, mint, etc.

The next is sugar in liquid form. Thanks to its shape, this brown sugar is easy to pour and use into various types of snacks, foods and drinks. You can also adjust the level of sweetness of a dish. Regardless of the type, coconut sugar still has many benefits that are useful for our health. So always provide coconut sugar at your house!

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