Why is coconut sugar gaining popularity in the world?

Why is coconut sugar gaining popularity in the world? Coconut sugar is no longer a stranger item in Asian society, especially Indonesia. But in Western countries, coconut sugar is a new thing. Besides, there are no coconut trees that can grow because of the different climate; they also don’t know much about coconut sugar information. But now along with the development of the era and information, coconut sugar has gained popularity among people in Western countries. Coconut sugar is most famous because it is believed to have a lower glycemic load than conventional sugar. For people who are aware of healthy, it is the main point of consideration for buying it. Coconut sugar is ideal as a substitute for sugar cane for consumers with diabetes. This type of sugar also has higher levels of minerals and nutrients than other types of sugar.

Why is coconut sugar gaining popularity in the world?

Besides coconut sugar is organic. As we know, organic trends are growing rapidly in world markets, especially in developed countries such as the United States, Australia and Western Europe. Products cannot be labeled “organic” if at least 95% of the raw materials do not meet organic standards, such as not using chemical pesticides, artificial fertilizers, and GMOs in the production process from start to finish. Coconut sugar products that have been certified organic means having super quality (Export Quality) which has been verified and approved by the United States FDA (USDA). With the organic label, coconut sugar is more attractive to people abroad.

The next reason coconut sugar has become popular almost all over the world is its practicality when used. Coconut sugar, which is often exported abroad, comes in powder or liquid form. With powder and liquid form, it will be more flexible and easier to add to food or drinks. We can also easily adjust the level of sweetness we want. It is for these reasons that coconut sugar deserves its popularity because of its benefits, promotion and practicality. So when did you switch to coconut sugar?


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